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Fantasy Basketball/Baseball
  NighTLesS15, Mar 10 2013

Started playing on for fantasy sports. It's a pretty cool website if you like to play for money. They got buyins starting from one dollar and go up into hundreds. It is set up on a per day basis so you can play everyday or once a week not forced to play all season long.

Is my link if you decide to sign up and play i get a little kickback on your entries if you use my link, better than paying it all to the website

Also buddy got me playing he does pretty well. The competition for basketball seems to be fairly poor as i don't know much but i'm profiting a little, i only play the low 1-5$ buyins. They have hockey football college football/basketball as well.

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School advice
  NighTLesS15, Nov 16 2011

Spoke with advisor today at my 4 year, and it turns out if i want to graduate with B.A. in my major i could be done with only 2 more semesters. This is my first semester at this school, i spent 4 years off and on at Junior college before getting enough classes done to transfer here.

Catch is i don't have a minor currently at least i haven't declared one. The idea of only spending 3 semesters here to finish sounds really nice, but i'm not sure if it is the best option.

Should i spend the extra semester declare a minor in what i was planning on doing, or does having a minor attached to the degree not really matter? advice from college graduates is greatly appreciated, or obviously people in a position of hiring college graduates as well

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New Mac help
  NighTLesS15, Aug 17 2011

If question is stupid sorry just wondering if i could save the 80$

I have previously bought Microsoft office word 2007 for some school stuff when it was mandated, so I bought the student deal for the big 4 for like 50$ or w/e have the disc's and product keys etc.... Can i load that onto the new Macbook Pro or am i gonna have to go buy the Iworks for the 80$ or w/e it is??

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